Fact Check: Argentina

962 days, 2 hours, 56 minutes ago


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Moody’s Investors Service’s Elena Duggar Sees Limited Impact of the U.S. Court Ruling on Argentina’s Debt on Future Sovereign Debt Restructurings pdf Argentina v. Holdouts: The Real Costs of Default and Benefits of Settlement pdf Washington Legal Foundation’s Rich Samp Discusses U.S. Judge’s Ruling on Illegality of Argentina’s Fund Transfer pdf What does Argentina gain and what does it lose by not negotiating with the holdouts? pdf Washington Legal Foundation’s Rich Samp Explains Argentina’s Tactics for Evading U.S. Court’s Injunction pdf Political Pollster Sergio Berensztein Finds Popular Support Among Argentines for Settlement with Holdouts pptx Bingham Attorney Bruce Wolfson Dispels the Myth of Argentina’s “$15 Billion” Debt Obligation pdf